Los hombres trans han sorprendido al mundo con su belleza, demostrando que solo ellos saben cuál es su identidad y que nadie puede ir en contra de cómo se sienten y cómo viven su vida.

Ejemplo de ellos es Aydan Dowling, uno de los hombres trans más famosos del mundo, quien se volvió tendencia luego de recrear la portada de Rolling Stone de Adam Levine, en la que este último aparecía desnudo y con unas manos de extraños cubriendo sus genitales.

Padres gays

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Como él, hay varios que se han identificado con la sexualidad masculina, de hecho, hace algunos días Danna Sultana presentó a Esteban Landrau, su novio, y contó cómo ha sido su historia de amor.

A continuación, 8 de los hombres trans más guapos del mundo:

  • Aydan Dowling

  • Esteban Landrau

  • Jake Graf

  • Pharaoh Preston

  • Ryan Cassata
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Hey listen up…be KIND to each other. Im sick of gatekeepers…with communities, with terminology, who’s trans who isn’t etc. stop the hate and start spreading love. Love only. live and let live. when it comes down to it, every one is human, trying to make it in this world. Worry about your own self before you judge everyone around you. We need to lift each other up instead of pushing each other down in the dirt. Let’s spread some love today and every day. Help each other. Love each other. Stand with each other. Love…. and if you wanna be grammar 👮 on this grammatically incorrect post… I typed like this cause It was natural for me and u know what I mean so who cares so shhhhhh. Thanks. Love you all. ✌️ ☮️ JUST BE NICEEEEEEEEEEE helskdhkesbdjdjbddk

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  • Benjamin Melzer

  • Shane Henise

  • Buck Angel
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Aging. Man. Transsexual. Does this make me wiser? Do I use my life experience to help show a younger generation that there is a future? I want to. I want to be a tranpa. I want to be a safe space for youngsters who feel lost. Youngsters who do not feel connected to a community that has redefined itself. I believe in the future of us. What I fear is that many youth who feel as I will be thrown under the bus because they are not following a new guideline that has removed what it feels is a threat. I fear that the youth who just want what I wanted will be told that it is not valid to feel like a man. That gender is not real. That making the choice I made is now derogatory and antiquated. That gender dysphoria is not real. This I fear. I once again will say my sex change saved my life and I feel a sense of obligation to be there for you. The ones who feel lost and are being told untruths. My story is truth. My story is fact. My heart is full of love and compassion. Every single one of us is valid. There is no one way to be and that is a fact. Learn this and grow. Stay focused on you. The universe will give you what you need. Love ❤️Tranpa photo: @allanamato

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