Ella documenta su vida a través de fotos publicadas en Instagram, donde tiene casi 60.000 seguidores. Allí asegura que la mayor parte del tiempo del día se la pasa desnuda, “libre de ropa restrictiva”, y que, como es vegana, su alimentación es a base de “frutas y verduras orgánicas recogidas de la tierra”.

La mujer también manifiesta que antes vivía como una “esclava” del trabajo, pero que encontró “la paz” al mudarse a la selva.

De acuerdo con sus publicaciones, ella ya no se maquilla y tampoco depila su cuerpo: ni sus axilas, ni sus piernas, ni su pubis. Además, gracias a esto, ya no invierte dinero en un costoso salón de belleza, ya no se corta con las cuchillas y tampoco debe soportar el dolor de la cera caliente.

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Daily Mail indicó que Freelee ha ahorrado más de 4.000 dólares australianos (8,6 millones de pesos) al abandonar la depilación, los productos de belleza y el champú.

Aunque algunos medios han publicado la historia Freele, hay varios vacíos en ella que hacen dudar de su veracidad:

1. La mujer en ningún momento especifica a qué parte del mundo se fue a vivir. Solo Daily Mail señala que fue a una “selva suramericana”, pero ¿cuál?

2. Si supuestamente vive desnuda y dejó atrás los productos de belleza, ¿cómo hace para tener la piel perfecta, sin ninguna picadura y ningún rasguño producto de las piedras y las ramas?

4. En ninguna parte explica cómo fue la planeación para irse a vivir a la selva. A simple vista, parece que fue de la nada que lo hizo, pero en videos que ella ha publicado en su canal de YouTube se ve que tiene hasta nevera (es decir, también cuenta con electricidad).

5. ¿Hizo un curso de supervivencia? En la selva no solo hay árboles y agua cristalina, sino también animales peligrosos, como serpientes, y plantas venenosas. ¿En verdad sabe enfrentarse a esto?

6. Aunque existe la posibilidad de que sea toda una experta tomando fotos, estas parecen algo producidas. A continuación, puede ver algunas de ellas para que usted mismo juzgue:

So how do ya like ma coconuts? 😸…I just love seeing my DIY coconut bowl collection growing 😍It feels really empowering to make things myself rather than pay others. You might think “Oh I could never learn to do that, I’m just not good at that stuff” and that’s where you are wrong. I grew up without a shred of do-it-yourself experience, I was taught by this consumerist society that it’s better to just buy something rather than attempt to create it yourself. Sure, it may be quicker and easier but where is the personal satisfaction in that? Everytime I use the bowls I feel a sense of purpose and pride. You try, make mistakes (eg. hole in bottom of one bowl) but you learn and become more skilled, confident and powerful each time. Save money and become a stronger, freer woman with each project. 💪 Remember – If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you, if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. #gofreeyourself

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In my eyes you are successful in life when you have the courage to embrace who you really are, however strange or peculiar that may be. Regardless of whether it fits with societies expectations or cultural norms. Growing up I often said the wrong things, didn’t have the right clothing, or the right look, and was laughed at or excluded for being “a bit weird”. I never felt fully accepted. Over time I learned to keep my “uncool” thoughts to myself and adapt my appearance so others would feel comfortable being around me. This only left me feeling internally suppressed and frustrated, (certainly not free) until one day when I reached my threshold and thought – ahh fuuuck it, this is boring! And this isn’t me! – From then on I decided to just let the TRUE me flow, to be my rawself, to act impulsively, to own that embarrassed look from others and to be the awkward freak I’m born to be. 😅The result? Goodbye fake friendships, hello soul mates ☀️#gofreeyourself

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Although it’s seldom, I still feel the pressure to conform in society, to shave my legs and underarms, to paint my face and look a certain way to others. This western self-obsession is a powerful dis-ease to shake. Some days I strut confidently, other days I pick at my insecurities, but everyday I move forward with strong purpose. I sometimes see that look of disgust from certain others at my hairy armpits and legs but I always remind myself – that person is not part of my tribe. Would I really want to spend my valuable time with someone who feels that way? About body hair? A person who thinks I’m disgusting as my natural self? Heck no! 🤷‍♀️Girls, remember, your body hair is a gift, it’s protective and part of your being, but maybe best of all it’s also a powerful natural fuckboi repellent.😉#gofreeyourself

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Am I going to be nude in every shot now? Yes, nude in the jungle. Free of clothes, labels, shoes, makeup, shaving. It just feels right. Does that mean I’m going to walk around naked with friends or join a nudist colony? Probably not, but it does mean this page will be one where I celebrate my birth-day body in my natural surroundings. Unfortunately female nudity in our modern culture has been oversexualised to the point that we can’t even show a damn nipple! Ugh. This stigma is obviously not healthy and breeds embarrassment, shame and disatissfaction with our female bodies. I love how comfortable and confident tribeswomen around the world are with their nude bodies. Not a second thought is given to their saggy breasts. If my body offends you then this isn’t the page for you. #gofreeyourself PS – New video up showing my lifestyle for a week, link in bio

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Lately I go days without looking in the mirror even once, and I find it incredibly freeing. This was definitely not always the case. As a young woman I became obsessed with my reflection. I would spend hours a day analysing and comparing. Was it because I was vain? Because I thought I was too perfect for this world? On the contrary, I saw a face filled with ‘imperfections’. I believed the story I was told by advertisements, that I was born inadequate and in desperate need of enhancement. I saw normal human charateristics as defects to be erased or covered; to be ashamed of. I hated my skin, especially my freckles. My smile was too narrow and my teeth too crooked. My top lip too skinny. Eyes not big enough. My hair too fine. The reality is, I didn’t see the real me in the mirror. I didn’t see the cheeky girl who loved to explore nature for hours and play in the dirt and creeks, instead I saw the ugly lies the beauty industry fed me. I’ve now been many months without makeup, fake lashes, creams, treatments etc and it feels so damn liberating. Remember, you were not born flawed, you were born into a flawed system. You were designed to be wild and free, to get dirty, to love and laugh, to explore and experience this beautiful planet – not to stress over your humanness. Don’t buy the lie$ #gofreeyourself

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I used to work in a concrete jungle, now I just work in the jungle.🐒 How did this happen? Well, I woke up one morning dreading the work day ahead. I was exhausted with the 9-5 grind. Waking to an alarm, commuting over a hour a day dressed in a restrictive suit, painting my face to ‘look the part’, binding my feet in high heels, and faking a smile to the public. I was sick of working my life away making someone else rich. Maybe the worst, I was bored. I wanted to be turned on and to FEEL something meaningful everyday. That morning I decided to free myself from being a slave. There wasn’t any social media back then so I transitioned by becoming a personal trainer with my own business. Soon after I found veganism and my true passion in life.🤝 Don’t be afraid, you CAN create this too. One day I will do a video on it. #gofreeyourself #jungleoffice

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