Milly Smith, de 23 años, es una activista de ‘cuerpos positivos’ y estudiante de enfermería en Reino Unido. Se dedica a demostrar que varias cuentas de ‘antes y después’ solo publican resultados de falsas transformaciones.

Para ella, las fotografías de progreso pueden ser una gran motivación para muchos, pero algunas imágenes de “inspiración fit” pueden significar inseguridad para quienes luchan constantemente contra su cuerpo.

En una de sus fotos más recientes, posó de dos maneras diferentes para hacer que sus seguidores vieran la realidad que se esconde detrás de muchas de estas fotografías, informó Mashable.

En la primera imagen, aparece mirando hacia un lado, posando como una modelo y utilizando unas medias pantalón de control de abdomen. En la segunda, mirando al frente, con una pose más natural y con el estómago descubierto.

“La misma chica, el mismo día, a la misma hora. No es un antes ni un después. No es una transformación por pérdida de peso. No es una promoción de dietas”, escribió en su cuenta de Instagram.

Same girl, same day, same time. 💛 Not a before and after. Not a weight loss transformation. Not a diet company promotion. 💛 I am comfortable with my body in both. Neither is more or less worthy. Neither makes me more or less of a human being. Neither invites degrading comments and neither invites sleezy words. 💛 We are so blinded to what a real unposed body looks like and blinded to what beauty is that people would find me less attractive within a 5 second pose switch! How insanely ridiculous is that!? 💛 I love taking these, it helps my mind so much with body dysmorphia and helps me rationalise my negative thoughts. 💛 Don't compare, just live for you. There is no one on this planet who's like you and that's pretty damn amazing don't ya think. The world doesn't need another copy, it needs you. 💛 We are worthy, valid and powerful beyond measure 💙🌟 (If you don't pull your tights up as high as possible are you really human?)

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En su publicación, Smith además dijo que “muchos de nosotros no sabemos lo que es un “verdadero cuerpo sin poses”, y por eso invita a sus seguidores a que se den cuenta de que son “dignos, válidos y poderosos, más allá de sus medidas”.

Just a same girl, same day, different pose reminder that our bodies look different in different angles and that it's perfectly ok, normal and natural. You don't need to look like anybody else but YOU ❤ 💛 I get asked a lot recently how to start a Bopo insta page as they want confidence. I often come up with nothing because I'm not entirely sure I understand. 💛 Are they asking me how to get started on a journey to self love or just how to start an insta page to get justification that their body is worthy in hope it will bring them self love? 💛 Before I put my photos and words out onto Instagram I started my journey to self love with myself; I mean it's still a very personal journey but I want to share it now and help others too. I took photos and wrote down love notes to my body without showing them to a soul- it was just for my soul and my mind. 💛 Starting an insta page could help you on your journey of course but your motives are what's important- know what they are before starting is my advice. Maybe do it off social media first and get a feel for your journey and what works/doesn't work for you and do it for YOU. Do it for your soul. Your follower count doesn't matter or make you more or less worthy. 10,000 people telling you your pretty wont bring about self love either. It's so much more than that and it starts deep inside yourself not with your aesthetics. Bopo isn't a 'trend'. 💛 It's not about how many you can impress, you need to be impressing yourself. Make yourself proud.

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Para ello, convoca a otras personas a posar:

“Los ángulos y la tensión afectan la forma en que nos vemos”.

Same man, same day, same place ❤ @hidohomes Angles and tensing affect the way we look. Many photos you see online are tensed, posed, edited and this goes for men too! . Men feel pressure to. It's okay to have bloating, it's okay to not have rock hard abs. It's okay to be slim and not force feed yourself 10000grams of protein a day. It's okay to be fat- it's okay to be any way you want to be. . More and more men are falling into the trap of musclemorphia and eating disorders but there isn't much help out there for men and there's more of a stigma regarding showing emotion and struggle. . You're not weak for needing help, you're not less of a man for struggling. You're not immune from body issues because of your gender; girls don't have to look like barbie and men don't have to look like Ken 💛 . You're valid, worthy and loved regardless of how you look. Be you, don't let societal pressures try and make you feel like being you isn't enough. Men of all shapes and sizes are wonderful 💛

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Incluso, ella misma edita sus fotografías para demostrar que un supuesto cambio de seis meses de ejercicio y dieta saludable puede imitarse con poses y retoques.

Would you believe me if I told you there was 6 months between these pictures? How about 6 minutes and a bit of posing / smoothing of the skin on an app? I could tell you I've restricted, spent every second in the gym and this is my transformation. Would you believe it? I could tell you I've been using a cellulite toning detox cream for a week and this is the result, would you believe me? I could tell you I've cut out sugar for 3 weeks and ran 12 miles a day and this is my transformation, would you believe it? I could tell you that I've eaten a certain protein bar for breakfast everyday along side shakes for lunch and this is the result. Would you believe it? I could tell you that I was depressed on the left and happier now on the right, would you believe it? I could tell you that I weight 30lbs less on the right, would you believe it? The reality of things we see are often so far from the truth. 6 minutes difference, same day, same girl just posed a smoothing skin filter used. Dont trust everything you see on the internet or in the media. Don't compare yourself, don't strive to be a fake image or anything other than your true authentic self for that matter. You rule as you are, do you, please you and live for you. Unfollow negative pages and surround yourself with love. You've got this, I've got this, we've all got this. We are strong, valid, worthy and powerful beyond measure.

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This took me 1 minute on my phone with a free basic app. I've taken my wider waist, bigger thighs, scars and uneven skin and made them more socially acceptable. I've never used photoshop or an app like this before so it makes you wonder what the professional can do with a few hours. Do we even know what's real or edited anymore? Do we know how real bodies look? Comparing ourselves to heavily edited images is mentally destroying. It leads to low self esteem, eating disorders, depression and many more problems. We idolise these images in magazines, insta and adverts wishing we could look less 'real'. The fact is, you are real. You are beautifully real. NOTHING is more beautiful and real than accepting yourself. You don't need to change, you don't need to be anything other than what you are right now ❤️

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