De acuerdo con Metro, ella no quería “morir con un aspecto humano” y esa fue la razón principal por la que decidió transformarse en ese animal fantástico. El proceso empezó luego de renunciar a su trabajo como vicepresidenta en un banco.

La mujer aseguró al medio que pensó en cambiar su apariencia después de ser abandonada a los 5 años por sus padres biológicos y ‘renacer’ cuando pasó a estar bajo el cuidado de una pareja transformada en serpiente cascabel.

De acuerdo con Eva, las personas son “más destructivas y odiosas” que otras especies en el mundo, de ahí que no quiera morir con un aspecto humano.

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El diario señaló que la transformación comenzó con una serie de tatuajes y siguió con una cirugía de nariz. A principios de abril de 2016, ella se cortó las orejasy luego tatuó de verde la parte blanca de sus ojos. Para darle un aspecto más completo a su apariencia de dragón, la transgénero se puso 8 cuernos en la frente, se quitó la mayoría de sus dientes y bifurcó su lengua.

En todo esto, según Metro, Eva ha gastado alrededor de 42.000 libras esterlinas, es decir, unos 167 millones de pesos. En este punto, ella ya no se identifica como humana sino como reptil y ‘transespecie’. Además, cree que es “la persona transgénero más modificada del mundo”.

Su proceso de transformación continuará en los próximos años y planea gastar un adicional de 28.000 libras esterlinas (cerca de 111 millones de pesos).

Estas son algunas fotos de Eva:

Yesterday, I had my psychiatric appointment it was the first for 2018 and it went really well. My doctor didn’t seem to surprise when I mention to her that I see things that most people don’t see and that I feel like I live in I live in a double reality. My anxiety has that been going through the roof and my depression has been getting the best of me too so we upped my medication both my Seroquel and my Pristiq so hopefully in the change will help me as I go forward. Another note, I have until the 16th which is the end of next week to finish going to go in through my post-op healing or recovery time so I will be getting back to my normal duties a little bit at a time, but, until then it’s continued bed rest cuddled up with the puppies and getting up and doing a little bit of work on my computer when I can when I have the energy to do it. Sending everybody my love from Oblivion.

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Saved by Uncle Herb At Last! My bout of nausea actually started last night before I went to bed so I went to bed early and just sleep it off hoping that it would go away but this morning it hit me like a ton of bricks. It hurts so much to heave cuz I had no food in me, that my body was shaking and I broke out into a cold sweat all over, just took the wind out of me, I was in tears. You can ask my homie Daledale Womack, right as Uncle herb arrived my body had already started to go in to shock and I was starting to shake. As for my continued healing on my prostate removal things continue to go well still a little bit of blood coming out and I have to sit on a soft cushion; I can’t sit on hard seats because I feel pain up inside so I can feel where they removed the prostate, it’s a weird sensation. I need to get to the post office and I can take care of my business I just can’t walk there and riding the bus there is not really a really good option right now because the streets are really bumpy so the bus ride is rougj and sometimes those seats are a little too hard. Some of the city buses are nice and comfy with cushioned seats but the ones that I ride don’t have them, unfortunately. I’m going to sit here and visit with Uncle herb for a little while and then hopefully my nausea will be gone completely and I will be having a little bit of an appetite so I can eat something. I’m going to be kind of silent today, sitting in my lair in quiet repose and quiet contemplation. I hope everyone’s having a lovely day.

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On Martin Luther King’s birthday I share Dr. King’s Vision. I share dr. King’s Vision of Love and acceptance in the world towards modified people. I shared dr. King’s vision that one day modified people will not be discriminated against in mainstream America especially in the workplace. I have a vision of a world where modified people are treated as equally and seen as normal as the boy or the girl next door, looking a little weird compared to the rest of the neighborhood, but equally accepted no less. I have a vision of a world where modified people will not be judged by their looks and told they are spawns of the devil and told that their modifications will keep them from getting into heaven. I have a vision of a world where modified people, whether it be with something as simple as a piercing or as extreme as removing one’s ears, will be seen and appreciated as unique creative expressive, beautiful, loving individuals. I have a vision of a world where modified people will be loved because of their modifications not in spite of them. ~Tiamat

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Well it didn’t take too long for the year to get going for someone to go be going after me and my Facebook has account has been shut down again by Facebook so I am officially done with Facebook. I deleted the application and all the pages off of my phone I will never go back to Facebook. I will do all my work here on Instagram and on YouTube Twitter and other platforms and I will be on Kik really soon too. This means my transformation and all the work I do 4 Mod World. Including Modify II, will be primarily done here on Instagram and on the website that we are in the process of the building. Haters can keep on hating and as far as I’m concerned ain’t nothing going to break my stride I got to keep moving forward and onward. Thank you for to everyone who is following me here on Instagram. Sending my love to everyone from Oblivion.

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The end of June will be here before I know it so I am already getting the wheels turning and making plans to go west and move to California after my lease is up here this summer. There is a certain special man in California whom I’ve been talking to since late 2014. We were going to finally meet in person when I was in Los Angeles last time October but something came up and we weren’t able to, so I’m really looking forward to getting to meet him in person and see where things go with us. Because I decided to leave Texas, I did not pursue anything with Jose here in Houston because I don’t want to start something and then leave and I don’t want to have a long distance relationship with anyone. I just decided it was best for me not to start anything with Jose, but we will be friends. Get ready California, here comes the Serpent Dragon, flicking its tongue and shaking its rattle.

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