Hacen parte de su marca de ropa Good American y sus precios estarán entre 129 dólares y 189 dólares (entre 391.000 pesos colombianos y 573.000 pesos colombianos), de acuerdo con la revista Elle.

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“Guardé este secreto por casi un año. Ustedes saben que me encantan los ‘bodies’ y quería darles un complemento para los productos Good American, y que también fueran diseñados para adaptarse a sus cuerpos. ¡Estoy increíblemente impresionada de poder vivir este sueño! Amen sus curvas, señoritas, amen sus cuerpos y ámense a ustedes mismas”, escribió a través de su cuenta de Instagram.

Keeping up with my biggest fashion icon @khloekardashian 💋 The tweet limit is not enough to describe how much you me helped me accomplished within these past few years. Thank you teaching me that self love is important in life. Thank you for helping me gain self confidence. Thank you for teaching me that the little flaws I have are beautiful marks that will never be revealed on someone else. Thank you for showing and proving to me that the ‘hate’ and ‘insults’ l constantly get are a waste of my time. Thank you for constantly reminding me that I’m worth it. Thank you for encouraging me to continue striving and aiming for my dreams/goals and back to never give up. Thank you for helping me understand that l create my OWN happiness. Thank you for showing me that I don’t need to depend on a boy to make me happy. Thank you for showing me that you don’t need to be popular to succeed in life. Thank you for proving to me that a handful of friends is all I need. Thank you for teaching me that waiting is always worth it because if you wait, good things will just come to you. Thank you for continuing to spread good vibes, respect, honesty, positivity, and constantly compliments. Thank you for spending time with those who need it most. Thank you for encouraging me to stay true to myself. Thank you for showing back true to myself. Thank you for showing that is okay to be different. Thank you Khloé, for helping me realize that AM unique. I I AM somebody. I AM me and there is nobody else in the world like me. I’m really blessed to have you as my role model. You’re such a strong and caring person. You’ll forever be my motivator. — Kayra Samira #revengebody #goodbody #goodamerican

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The Good American Bodysuit is just out of this world😍😍💕 #khloekardashian #goodamerican

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