Modelo famosa por mover pechos al ritmo de Mozart se deshizo de sus implantes

Sorprendió al mundo con su peculiar talento, sin embargo, les dijo adiós a los que la llevaron a la fama.

Sara X Mills
Sara X Mills / Captura de pantalla de YouTube Sara X Mills/Captura de Instagram saraontheinternet

Aunque muchos de sus seguidores no entienden el porqué de su decisión, Sara X Mills asegura que lo hizo por comodidad y economía, informó el portal SDP Noticias.

11 days since #explant, my incisions from the lift (mastopexy) I had are healing nicely and I'm feeling much better, in case you're wondering I'm a total of one kilogram (2.2 lbs) lighter and YES my implants were almost as big as my face! I love love LOVE all the support & positivity flowing through my page right now and I hope it makes your day a little brighter too! I want you to know that even when I don't get time to respond, I personally read & appreciate ALL of your comments! I've had quite a few of you ask if I've lost any fans and the answer is NO – anyone who unfollowed me post-explant wasn't a fan of who I am, they were a fan of my fake bewbz, which is fine! I don't expect them to stay when the thing they followed me for isn't there anymore (at least not in my body lol), bon voyage and I hope they move along with no hard feelings 💗 what I mentioned in my last post though are the people who rageflail about me having my implants removed, and leave angry comments. I giggle while I block and delete because that's just ridiculous on their part! (If you've ever caught any before I could get to them then you know)- I've been doing this a long time though and stuff like that can't even touch me, all of you wonderful creatures are like an umbrella that keeps those people from raining on my parade 👻 stay weird xoxo #ittybittytittycommittee

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Sara se volvió famosa hace dos años gracias a un video en el que movía los senos a la par que sonaba la ‘Pequeña serenata nocturna’ de Mozart. Un año después volvió a dar que hablar cuando interpretó el villancico ‘Jingle Bells’.

GOOD MORNING! I posted last night on here about cutting my hair short again *NOT* because I am going to let other people make the decision for me, but because to me it’s interesting to see what people say about it 💁🏼 and I am here to tell you, I am very pleased with how many people say “it’s your hair/body/life so you should do what makes you happy”! Seriously high fives from me for that 🙏🏼 It seems like the majority of women are encouraging me to cut it, most guys have been very kind & supportive, and only a few people were trying to issue commands i.e. “do NOT cut your hair”. Way to go, everyone! We’ll see what happens… Stay tuned! Dun dun DUNNNNNN.  Lingerie by @julieklingerie

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Más noticias

En su cuenta de Instagram la modelo aseguró que optó por quitárselos, pues debía someterse a costosas cirugías cada siete o diez años, que el seguro médico no cubre.

One of my favorite parts of being on the internets is collaborating with independent brands & other creatives, like @julieklingerie who made this gorgeous blue lace set (and is having a sale today!) 🙌🏼 My goal for this next year is to continue to move my social media in a more “lifestyle” direction, to showcase more of my daily activities and of course my outfits. I’ve been slowly working towards this since before my explant, and it’s going really well thus far! I can only hope that by going against the "norm" I am helping contribute to the tearing down the overall societal ideal of what constitutes "beauty" (planning a post talking about why it's SO WEIRD that people feel the need to reassure me "you're still beautiful without your boobs" 🤔 so more on this later). Aside from my Patreon, which you can find the link to in my bio if you'd like to check it out, I’m also starting a blog soon to showcase more of my life & style! WHEW! There’s a lot going on and I’m stoked to share it all! 😽

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Sara también confesó que se siente más sexi, saludable y menos acosada sin sus implantes.

I’ve got some stuff to shoot this afternoon but in the meantime I am waiting for some of the “lines” from the clothes I was wearing earlier to go away, so I decided to post another boob/scar update photo! Removing my breast implants is still 110% the best decision I've ever made. I feel SO MUCH BETTER and healthier, I get harassed and objectified way less often both IRL & online, I can post all kinds of photos and not have so many comments just calling me "sexy"… the funniest/saddest part are the people who say I'm really coming into my own and finding my voice, presumably because they never bothered before to read what I wrote 😂😫😂 hahaha. There was a LOT I didn’t know about implants before getting them, or even until I was looking into removing them – one of these things is that the implants, if they’re under the muscle (which is the way to make them look the most “natural”) actually wear away at the chest wall over time. If you look closely at my right side (left in this photo) you can see I still have an implant-shaped divot in the cartilage and whatnot over my ribs.  It will likely be there forever, you can only see it sometimes.  I like making people uncomfortable so I often tell my friends to feel the indentation, which is now under my boob by quite some distance, and they’re always weirded out. My scars are healing fine but I’m going to @waveplasticsurgery to begin a scar care regimen this week, including Kenalog injections to prevent buildup of painful scar tissue around my incision sites.  I had to have Kenalog for my scarring after I got implants, and it’s basically the worst getting injected into your scar tissue haha I’m going to be documenting the whole experience to post on YouTube so you guys can watch, learn, and laugh at me. If you have any questions about why I removed my implants or why my scars look like this (because so many people haven’t ever heard of a #mastopexy and assume my doctor just filleted my chest to remove my implants for for funsies) you can check out – I explain it all there! #explant #breastimplants #update

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This is me. by @pbclarkphoto 💗

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Sunday night in bed with #nomakeup & I feel good! I have SUCH an exciting week coming up 🙌🏼 my incisions are all closed now & the next step in healing is to begin massage and get the scars to fade 😸 when I lay down like this the pocket where my implant was is still really visible too 😹 I have a shoot tomorrow then my one month post op with my doctor Tuesday, fingers crossed I get the ok to stop wearing sports bras 24/7 so I can finally wear some of the 18474929158 cute bralettes I've stockpiled 👀 hope you all had a lovely weekend, and of course if you're new here or just late to the party you can totally click the link in my bio OR visit to answer all your questions about my #explant 😽 all negative comments will be deleted 👋🏼 #bodypositive #scars #selflove #frankenboobs #ittybittytittycommittee #fuckyeahsmallboobs

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Sus videos tienen millones de visitas en YouTube y en Instagram tiene más de 600.000 seguidores.

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